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Two Shots of Wheatgrass, Please!

  Bed-Stuy resident Joseph Ward used to own and run a contracting company that demolished buildings to make way for new developments. Today, he has left that all behind. “No more demolition,” Ward says shaking his head. Instead, of tearing … Continue reading

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Fitness Tip of the Day!!!

Use exercise to relieve some of that stress you may endure. A short walk around the block, training session at your favorite studio or pop in your Dancehall Aerobics workout video can make you feel like a million dollars in … Continue reading

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Benefits of Cinnamon to our Health

Did you know Cinnamon has a lot of health benefits that can help us live a healthy and long life? Although cinnamon has been abused recently doing the ridiculous cinnamon challenge, cinnamon does has its health benefits when used properly. … Continue reading

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Butt Bootcamp: 5 exercises to Firm your Butt

Summer is around the corner and you want to get your butt toned and ready for those booty shorts and bikinis. Join my Butt BootCamp. Im gonna tell you 5 butt exercises that will get that bum looking fabulous.

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Jamaican Power Drink “Irish Moss”

Long before Viagra, Caribbean men have been drinking this gel-like drink to increase their natural ability. Irish Moss has been said to increase a man’s sexual ability giving them strength, power and stamina also increasing women’s libido. Not only is Irish … Continue reading

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5 Tips To Stay Motivated To Exercise

  Its not always easy adding exercise to your daily regime and staying committed due to lack of motivation. Here are five tips that would help you stay motivated while trying to meet your fitness goal. 1. Have a Goal … Continue reading

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Fruits and Vegetables that can lower high blood Pressure

We all know that high blood pressure can be very detrimental to our health which can lead to kidney failure, strokes, heart disease and even cognitive decline. A normal blood pressure would be 120/80 mmHg, anything over that would be … Continue reading

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