Ask Adina

Q.What excises can I do to tone my butt?

Adina say’s: Do Squats, squats is one of the best exercise for strengthening, toning and shaping the thighs and butt. Not only does it tighten and tone your derrière but its the #1 overall exercise for building lean quality muscle!

Stand holding a barbell resting across your upper traps and shoulders, hands wider than shoulder-width apart. Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, feet angled slightly outward. Pull your shoulders back slightly, contract your lower-back muscles, take a deep breath and hold it. Looking straight ahead, slowly bend at the knees, inclining your torso forward slightly and descending under control until your thighs are just above parallel to the ground. Don’t bounce at the bottom, but don’t stop either. Push through your heels to drive yourself back up, contracting your gluteus muscles (buttocks) strongly and exhaling as you pass the halfway point. Take a deep breath and repeat 2 minutes.

lunges are also another very popular exercise for toning and firming leg and butt muscles. Position your feet about shoulder width apart, with your feet pointing straight ahead. Pick up a pair of dumbbells or a barbell(you may want to do a set without dumbbells first to learn the movement), bending at your knees to make sure you don’t strain your back. To begin the exercise, step your left foot forward, keeping your forward leg centered over your ankle. Make sure your knee doesn’t go beyond your toes or you’ll place extreme tension on the tendons of your knee. To help maintain balance, remember to push off with your heels and not your toes. When coming back to the starting position, focus on straightening your knee and hip. Stay focused on your front leg even if you feel tension in your back leg. Think of your back leg as the balancer and your front leg muscles as the primary mover. Work one leg at a time rather than alternating between one leg and the other. Repeat for 30 seconds with your left leg, then do 30 seconds with your right leg.

Do some Gluteus Kickback, get on your hands and knees on the floor, knees bent at 90 degrees so thighs are perpendicular to the floor. Keeping your head up, lift your right leg back and up, maintaining your 90 degree knee bend, until your foot is higher than your head or your thigh is horizontally in line with your torso. Squeeze your right gluteus and slowly lower your leg back to start position. Perform the same with your left leg, and repeat.

Source:Shape Fit

Q. How can I get my arms to look more tone?

Adina Say’s: Try some two arms triceps extensions. Take one dumbbell of appropriate weight , stand up and hold the dumbbell with both hands behind your head, upper arms pointing straight up.

Raise the dumbbell up by curling your elbows and slowly lower it back after a short pause.

Your upper arms should remain still throughout.

Another exercise that works for me is really simply. Carry your grocery bags. Instead of driving to the supermarket, walk your groceries home and if you have to carry them up a flight of steps walk the the grocery up and avoid the elevator.

Now your on you way to sexier toned arms.

Q: Im always in the gym working out but see no results, what am I doing wrong?

Adina Say’s: When clients ask me this question I always ask what are your eating habits and its always I eat lots of carbs, little fresh veggies and fruits and drink lots of juice and soda.

Its not all about working out, you have to eat healthy aswell to see great transforming results. I personally eat six times a day but eat in small portions. For breakfast I eat a cup of oatmeal, fresh fruits, and a cup of green tea. Lunch, if im having a pizza, I eat half, the same for a sandwich, a bottle of water or fruit juice which I water down and soda on occasions. Dinner, One spoon of white rice (i don’t like brown rice) and stew with steam veggie or raw veggies and my watered down juice. In between meals I would munch on nuts, fruits, yogurts, salad and sandwich meat. I don’t over eat in  one meal, if im full I know that’s enough.

Don’t deprive yourself from eating the foods you like but it moderately. If you love eating fry chicken eat but not everyday. Try not to skip meals, drink lots of water and get sleep.

These are simply steps you can do to improve your workout results.

Q: Im pregnant but want to continue taking Dancehall Aerobics, can I.

Adina say’s: Who says pregnant women can’t do Dancehall Aerobics. If you were doing Dancehall Aerobics, any dance cardio classes or excising before pregnancy it is perfectly find to continue with the class. If your new to dancehall aerobics and pregnant its best to take it easy. As you progress in your pregnany its important to reduce your level of dance by modifiing the dance moves, less jumping and less twist and turns. Besides that your are find.

There is a lot of benefits of continuing to do Dancehall Aerobics while your pregnant.


You Feel Better: relieve backaches, improves your posture by strengthening and toning muscles in your thighs, butt, and back, helps you sleep better by relieving stress and anxiety that might make you restless at night, increases your energy level, reduces constipation by accelerating movement in your intestine also prevents wear and tear on your joints (which becomes loosened during pregnancy due to normal hormonal changes) by activating the lubricating fluid in your joints.

Make you look Good: Exercise increases the blood flow to your skin giving you that healthy glowy look.

Prepares your you and your body for birth: Gaining control of breathing can ease the pain during labor and build up endurance during a long labor.

Regain that pre-pregnancy body quickly: If you continue to maintain your fitness level during pregnancy you would gain less fat weight making it easier to get back in shape.

So continue dancing, and staying in shape. It also benefits the baby.

Consult your doctor for professional advice.